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By Mike Timashov

I am an entrepreneur. Write about NFT, Solana, startups, investments, books, technologies.

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A month without coffee

I am a software developer, and I drink coffee A LOT. I could drink it 6-7 times per day. And I think it’s bad.


First NFTs on Solana Blockchain

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) — is a unique digital asset designed to represent ownership of a digital item.


How to learn something on Udemy

I am a big fan of Udemy. There are a bunch of great courses and they are rather cheap. Everyone can afford them. Usually, the price is around $100-150, but they have sales every week when the price is $9.99! So you can learn a lot of new stuff just for 10 b...


Transfer the smell over the Internet

A few days ago I was thinking about an interesting feature. How to transfer the smell over the Internet. Imagine how would be cool if we could send what we smell right now inside the message in messenger? And another person could feel it.


100 days of code

I grew a lot in development during the last 15 years of my professional experience. And I continue to drow every day. Currently, I am learning Rust and Solana blockchain development. I decided to start sharing my experience with the public. I started to act...


Rust Programming Fundamentals

I think it was your deliberate decision to choose Rust. It’s not so popular programming language as JavaScript, or PHP, or Java, or whatever else. But you chose Rust, and I respect your decision.


Ask your devs about security and automatic backups!

Do you have a website? Do you have an online store? Do you have any software which your devs created? Ask your devs or system administrator if they do automatic backups!


About startups and their right to make a mistake

There is a popular mind, that startup has rights to make mistakes. Because it works with a huge amount of unknown data and unverified ideas. This is correct, but most founders underestimate the cost of such mistakes. It could be too high or even fatal. Here...


5 books that changed my life

I started to read a lot of books around 5 years ago. And since that I started to enjoy life, my business started to grow, I found love and got married. The book could inspire you, could help you, count motivate you. I want to tell you about 5 books that cha...


What's new in iOS 15

Apple has just released its new iOS - iOS 15, and it’s amazing! They added new features to Facetime, redesigned notifications, improved Wallet, Maps, and many many more.


How I earn money on cryptocurrencies

How I created an algorithm for crypto trading


Amazon customer service

One interesting incident happened to me today. I ordered Apple Pencil from Amazon, and what I found in the box…


It's miketimashov.com now!

Congrats to me!


The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Stocks (2021)

Hey friends, in this post I'll give you a complete breakdown of how to get started with investing your hard-earned cash, what various terms mean in the financial world and how to avoid taking high risks.


Start of my content creator career

This is the start of me as a content creator. I think a lot about starting my YouTube channel, Substack newsletter, and Telegram channel. I have a lot to tell you.


Entrepreneurship, business, startups, IT.

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