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5 books that changed my life

Mike Timashov
Mike Timashov
I started to read a lot of books around 5 years ago. And since that I started to enjoy life, my business started to grow, I found love and got married. The book could inspire you, could help you, count motivate you. I want to tell you about 5 books that changed my life.
Atlas Shrugged
Ayn Rand is one of my favorite writers. I read Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, We the Living, Anthem. Atlas Shrugged is my favorite. It tells about hard times for business, for the country, for people. It tells us what could we get if we have the wrong people in politics. It tells us about the bravery and courage of people.
If you are an entrepreneur, or you want to start your company, you should read Atlas Shrugged. It сan help you survive difficult times and give you faith that you can beat any challenges.
Who is John Galt?
The Fountainhead
This novel was written in 1943, but actually, it describes what we have even now in the World. It’s hard to achieve great success without lies, pretense, sycophancy, and subterfuge. Good examples from the book are Peter Keating and Gail Wynand. In Ayn Rand’s novel, they both ended up losing.
The book is about struggle, confrontation, perseverance, and faith in your ideals. And in the end - victory over yourself and over the whole world. Howard Roark is worthy of respect. The novel describes 10 years time interval, and during all this time, he did not give up and did not betray his ideals. He lived all this time by his own rules and did not betray them.
The book is 10 out of 10. And it definitely is in my Top 3.
Trilogy of Desire
The Financier. The Titan. The Stoic.
The Trilogy of Desire is three novels that describe the entire life of the American financier Frank Cowperwood. The prototype is Charles Yerkes. Frank is a very skillful businessman who participated in the construction of the entire transport system of Chicago and London. Struggle in the financial world. Struggle in the political world. Fall on women. All his life he has been doing two things - making a business and having sex.
Through Frank, the author tells us that even when you are trampled into the mud, even when you have lost everything, you can still get up. Frank spent 13 months in prison and came out of it much stronger. It did not break him.
For me, he is a very interesting prototype of an entrepreneur. You can even say the standard of an entrepreneur.
The Alchemist
Inspiring novel. Read in one breath. And right after reading it, you want to get up and go to make your dreams and desires come true. I advise everyone to spend these 2-3 hours reading it. You will be energized and motivated for a long time.
It reminds me of “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferris, but in an artistic style.
Shantaram. The Mountain Shadow.
Shantaram is my last read book, and it impressed me so much. Right after it, I started to read The Mountain Shadow - it’s the continuation of Shantaram. I finished it in 7 days.
It tells you how to be strong even in the darkest hours. It tells you, that money is just money. It’s not the most important thing in the world, as many people think. It tells you about brave and strong people with their own life rules and foundations. This book is not about business. It’s not about money. It’s about People, about Devotion, about Love.
I learned a lot about India from this book. It tells how kind are people in India. And I decided that I want to visit India.
I think you should read Shantaram if you are in dark hours now. It could inspire you to fight. It could teach you how to never give up, and always move on until you find peace.
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Mike Timashov
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