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Mike Timashov
Mike Timashov
I am a software developer, and I drink coffee A LOT. I could drink it 6-7 times per day. And I think it’s bad.

So a month ago, on July 31, I understood that I want to change this. I decided to make a 1-month-without-coffee challenge and started instantly. Today is the 1st of September, and I still didn’t get a single cup of coffee.
I wouldn’t say that I feel much better after a month without coffee. I feel as usual. I feel good, active, and strong. The same as it was a month ago. It didn’t affect my coding speed (I thought it would speed it down). Actually, maybe it even speeds up my coding speed.
I am not going to be coffee-free. I just going to change my mindset. I want to have a limit of 1-2 cups per day max. Maybe weekends without coffee. Etc.
What do you think about coffee? How often do you drink it? What about decaf? I know that most of my subscribers are software developers, designers, project managers, and other people from IT. So it’s a common problem for all of us. Please DM me on Twitter how do you solve this problem or you don’t consider it a problem at all?
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Mike Timashov
Mike Timashov @miketimashov

I am an entrepreneur. Write about NFT, Solana, startups, investments, books, technologies.

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