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Mike Timashov
Mike Timashov
One interesting incident happened to me today. I ordered Apple Pencil from Amazon, and what I found in the box…
I order some small tech stuff from Amazon rather often. Kindle, Blink cameras, Echo, Headphones, Marshall speaker, etc. Three weeks ago I ordered Apple Pencil for my wife. I’m from Ukraine, and Amazon doesn’t deliver here. So I usually use Meest warehouse for ordering from Amazon, and Meest delivers packages to Ukraine. I ordered more than 20 orders this way during the last 5 years, and everything was ok. But not this time.
When I opened my package, I noticed, that… it’s empty. So I had Apple’s box, but it was opened, and the pencil was not there. I was shocked. I waited for 3 weeks and received nothing. It’s not too expensive - $94, but it was painful to lose it. So I decided to call Meest support, and write to Amazon support, maybe they can help me.
Meest support
Meest support offered nothing. They just told me, that they are not responsible for anything. I tried to tell them that probably the problem happened in their warehouse. I think Apple put a pencil in the box. And I am confident in Amazon. But the only thing they repeated to me, is that I should talk to the sender and solve it with the sender.
Amazon support
I was upset but wrote to Amazon support. I was sure that they will tell me, that the problem was with the delivery from the USA to Ukraine and that they can’t help me.
Imagine how surprised I was when they did a refund in 15 minutes. 15 minutes!
They told me that they are sorry for this situation and they are ready to send me one more Apple Pencil or do a refund. I chose a refund and $94 was on my Amazon gift card balance in 15 minutes.
That’s what I call the best customer service. It’s cheaper for them to give me $94 than lose a client. I will use Amazon in the future for sure!
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Mike Timashov
Mike Timashov @miketimashov

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