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First NFTs on Solana Blockchain

Mike Timashov
Mike Timashov
An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) — is a unique digital asset designed to represent ownership of a digital item.

Solana is a high-performance blockchain. It has almost zero gas fees (unlike Ethereum, which has huge gas fees).
I want to tell you about my experience with NFTs. First I heard about NFTs around half a year ago when we discussed it in Clubhouse with my business partner. And… I thought its trash. But I have changed my mind since that.
The most popular and expensive NFTs are CryptoPunks on the Ethereum blockchain. CryptoPunk could cost more than $7.5M 😳 It’s crazy! 🤪
I’d like to show you my NFTs. I have 9 NFTs now: 1 Degenerate Ape, 1 llama, and 7 more dead llamas (WHAT???). Yes, 7 of my llamas are dead.
Degenerate Apes
Degenerate Apes went live on August 15th. And it was hard to mint it, because of bugs and server load. I was not able to mint any. So I bought one on a secondary market on Solanart.
I bought it because of the Laurel Wreath and I liked it. But then I decided to buy Albino Ape. I sold my Ape and bought Albino Ape.
I have much more experience with llamas. They went live on August 17th. And I succeed to mint 8 llamas! Paid for them 32 SOL (approx $2240). And I received a Legendary llama!!! It’s really rare. I was so happy when I saw it. And it looked great!
But… The dev team fucked up, and they gave much more llamas than expected. And seems that they sent llamas to the wrong people. And they decided to kill all llamas, and generate 2nd generation of llamas… From scratch. I was so angry. So all my llamas died.
And I received 8 uncommon llamas, like this:
I am building a few apps on the Solana blockchain. And I am going to take part in new NFT drops. We’ll see how cool will they be. The closest drop is Bold Badgers drop. Going to get them soon :) Subscribe to my Twitter to get the latest updates -
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Mike Timashov
Mike Timashov @miketimashov

I am an entrepreneur. Write about NFT, Solana, startups, investments, books, technologies.

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