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Transfer the smell over the Internet

Mike Timashov
Mike Timashov
A few days ago I was thinking about an interesting feature. How to transfer the smell over the Internet. Imagine how would be cool if we could send what we smell right now inside the message in messenger? And another person could feel it.
Ideas where it can be used:
  1. Send the smell to someone inside the message.
  2. Instagram for the smell. Imagine if every people could generate their smells and share them with the community.
  3. A lot of emergency features. For example, a mobile app detects gas smell, and notify you immediately.
  4. The smell of a new car, toothpaste, or cut grass. You can always turn on your favorite smell inside your house, office, or car.
So, which blockers do we have now to develop the smell transfer? There are only 2 blockers.First, we need a device that detects the smell and converts it into binary code.Second, a device that gets this binary code and realizes the smell.If this is done, there is no problem transferring this data over the Internet.Sounds easy, doesn’t it?
I am sure that someone already works on it. And it will be done in 10-20 years. We live in amazing times when everything is possible.
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Mike Timashov
Mike Timashov @miketimashov

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