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What's new in iOS 15

Mike Timashov
Mike Timashov
Apple has just released its new iOS - iOS 15, and it’s amazing! They added new features to Facetime, redesigned notifications, improved Wallet, Maps, and many many more.
Facetime is a new Zoom
Seems that Apple is going to get some market from Zoom, Google Meet, Around, etc. First of all, Facetime became available not only on Apple devices but also on the web. You can create a link for the meeting and send it to anyone who doesn’t have a Facetime app. Also, they made a huge improvement with sound and noise cancelation, added portrait mode with background blur, and added SharePlay.
SharePlay is a new feature where you can share your screen inside the call, listen to music together, watch films, etc. And it’s inside the call. Neither Zoom, Google Meet, nor any other video conference apps have it.
New Notifications Experience
Apple added Focus mode, which helps you to focus on work, sleep, or other stuff. You can turn on the focus mode, and most of your notifications will be snoozed. You can set up what are you going to focus on, and it will automatically snooze other notifications.
Notifications will be grouped and ordered using on-device intelligence. Urgent messages will be delivered immediately. Message notification will have a contact photo, app notification - larger app icon.
Apple Wallet
There are a few new features in Wallet. First of all, you can add keys from your home or office to Wallet. Or even a key from the hotel room. I guess a huge amount of hotels will support it in 1-2 years.
And even more with Wallet. You will be able to add your ID or driver’s license to Wallet.
A few more updates
  • The camera will have a Live Text feature, which could help you to detect text on photos and screenshots. Yes, Apple made its own Google Lens.
  • In Apple Maps you can see the whole planet Earth. Yes, Apple made its own Google Earth.
  • You can add music to photos and create Memory Mixes.
  • Popular automotive brands, like BMW, will support UWB for unlocking cars from iPhone.
  • The weather app is updated. It has fullscreen support with more info about weather, air quality, etc.
Watch the full WWDC 2021:
WWDC 2021 — June 7 | Apple
WWDC 2021 — June 7 | Apple
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Mike Timashov
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